About Us


Dutchreadz is our on-line store. In it we sell publications (magazines and books) about the Netherlands and the Dutch. We specialize in titles (both in English and in Dutch) that provide a link of sorts between the Dutch diaspora and the original homeland. We ship our physical products from Canada and the USA. Our digital downloads come from the cloud, so who knows where they ship from!

Dutchreadz is the on-line storefront for Mokeham Publishing Inc. (see below). As such it is the hub for taking out and renewing subscriptions to our periodicals. All Mokeham book titles are of course also available on the Dutchreadz site. But we sell books about the Dutch produced by other publishers too.

About Mokeham Publishing Inc.

At Mokeham Publishing Inc. we publish periodicals and books related to The Netherlands and the Dutch in North America. Our company was founded in 2007 when we took over the publication of Maandblad de Krant (formerly ‘de Hollandse Krant’) the Dutch language monthly newspaper for Canada and the USA. In August of 2011 we launched our full-colour English language magazine, ‘DUTCH the magazine’.

On occasion we publish special editions, like the ‘Dutch in Wartime’ special English language edition of De Krant, which commemorated the 65th anniversary of the liberation of The Netherlands from Nazi occupation in 2010. We are a boutique publisher when it comes to book titles, specializing, as you may have guessed, in books about the Dutch and The Netherlands.

We are based in Oakville, Ontario.